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Get Fitness Back On Track – New Year Weight Loss Tips

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New Year Weight Loss Tips

You ate, drank and were merry. Now, you cannot even fit into your yoga pants. You know the yoga pants I am talking about, they are mandatory as part of the Southern California Lifestyle. They’re the fitness pants you wear when everything else has “shrunk” in the dryer? Don’t fret, and for goodness sake don’t drown your sorrows in that plate of aunt Edna’s chocolate fudge! Back away from the fudge.

New Year Work Out Tips

Get Outside

View from the running path at Southern California Carlsbad Beach wallI know it’s cold out there, that’s why we rush back in and grab a hot chocolate (adult hot chocolate maybe? Yummm). But, as long as it is safe where you are, put on some shoes, and get moving. Go around the block, go down to the store, walk to your favorite neighbor’s house with a plate of cookies that Santa forgot to eat. Heck, that’s two birds with one stone, you get your blood flowing with a nice brisk walk, and you get those tempting cookies, cakes, fudge, candies out of your living room.

There’s a canyon with walking trails in my Southern California neighborhood. When it is light out, I strap on my running shoes and head out of the door and hit the dirt. I do not need to go for very long but it is quiet out there, and I can just leave everything at home. Grab a friend and it gets easier to make it, but don’t rely on them for your fitness and weight loss goals. If they start getting lazy don’t you get lazy.

Made from plant derived wax and formulated specifically for women with soothing aloe and Vitamin F Body Glide for her protects your body from chafing

And if you are like me, the cold weather clothes mixed with working out makes me sweat like crazy, but that also makes me chafe. If I don’t use Body Glide for Her I can get a rash under my arms or even in between my thighs. That’s not cute and it can be quite painful. This stuff is made with aloe and Vitamin F, not too pricey and is a godsend.

Use The Stairs

Easy Home Workout with Stairs

Don’t have access to a safe walking area this time of year? It can be difficult to find in parts of the country where it is not just snowy but icy, too. I would rather you be safe inside, while still getting active than out getting hurt. If you have determined it is just too dangerous to go outside in this weather, you have a whole house to use to your advantage.

You could always use the Small Space Workout as a starting point. This video was taken in a tiny bedroom and shows that you do not need an entire gym to get in your fitness moves.

I like the stairs when it’s just too much to head out. Oh you think that walking up and down the stairs isn’t a work out? Fine, do about 10 flights and ask your butt about it. Your thighs, tush, and even your calves with certainly be letting you know what kind of work out and butt busting is going on. If you can climb the stairs without using the handrail, that is even better. Otherwise, we tend to pull ourselves up instead of making the legs do their thing.

If you don’t have stairs then just walk around the house cleaning, or picking things up. You can also do lunges in the hallway, knee raises, skipping, whatever gets out off of the couch, and away from the cookies.

Commercial Break Resistance

Commercial breaks usually run about 2 minutes. You can use that time to your advantage even if your roommate, dog, or kids look at you funny. Each time a commercial break hits, get on the floor and crank out some push ups, sit-ups or crunches, squats, or jumping jacks. The best part about this is that you know the end is coming soon. You have about 2 minutes of whatever exercise to do and then you get to rest. I don’t suggest eating in between these bursts of motion, though, so choose a show you do not snack through. And if you are feeling really motivated, do Burpees instead of jumping jacks. Your fitness with feel like it is in overdrive!

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  1. There are great tips. I definitely need to get outside more while the temperatures are cooler here. I’ve heard a lot about the commercial breaks as a way to get a few extra minutes in.


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