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Get A Refreshing Caffeinated Boost From… Club Soda?

Orange Grapefruit Club Soda
BusyBeeBlogger was compensated for this Caffeinated Club review, but all views and editorial content is our own.

Looking for a refreshing calorie free drink but without all of the sweeteners? Caffeinated Club flavored club sodas are sugar free and have no artificial sweeteners, but with a boost of caffeine. That’s right, a nice boost that you can have throughout the day but without the artificial stuff, or sugar that can weigh you down.

Caffeinated Club comes in a variety of flavors.  ALL of them without sugar or artificial sweeteners

The Caffeinated Club comes in a variety of flavors, Caffeinated Club® Clear Club Soda, Caffeinated Club® Lemon Club Soda, Caffeinated Club® Orange Grapefruit Club Soda, and Caffeinated Club® Raspberry Club Soda. All of them leave your breath smelling better than an afternoon coffee and are more convenient to carry in your bag as well. You cannot throw a cup of coffee in your purse, but you can toss one of these little bottles in your bag and bring it with you to work, or on errands, or to pick up your kids.

These aren’t overly charged energy drinks. Caffeinated Club® are light and refreshing club sodas with a hint of flavor that can be enjoyed throughout the day. No sugars, colors, artificially sweeteners, and no calories, making this a healthier alternative to those screaming loud energy drinks. And, unlike other drinks, Caffeinated club uses only triple filtered water for a crisper beverage with a cleaner aftertaste.

These flavored club sodas also make fantastic cocktail mixers. Add your favorite spirit, vodka, tequila, rum, absinthe, whatever you prefer, and you are almost there to making your new favorite cocktail. The nice part is that there is a hint of fruit flavor but it is not sticky sweet making your cocktail heavy or hiding the flavor of your favorite spirit. Why make a cocktail that is heavy on calories when you can have on that is light and refreshing and calorie free? I do not know about you but I would much rather spend my calorie budget on what I am eating for dinner, not on the mixer for the cocktail I am having.

Caffeinated Club® flavors:
Caffeinated Club® Clear Club Soda
Caffeinated Club® Lemon Club Soda
Caffeinated Club® Orange Grapefruit Club Soda
Caffeinated Club® Raspberry Club Soda

Pick up some of these caffeinated club flavored sodas and enjoy a kick of caffeine throughout the day. If you order online at, shipping is FREE anywhere in the continental US. And if you make a fun cocktail with it, I would love to see what you came up with!

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