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Germany stops broadcasting TDF!

If you know anything about organized sports, you know that performance enhancing drugs, as well as illegal drugs of other kinds, have always been a problem.

Well, cycling has taken its punches the past decade and it appears that one more name is added to the list of the punished. But that’s not the REAL story today.

It seems that the cyclist in question, a German rider Patrick Sinkewicz, had tested positive in JUNE! (why is this just coming out now? I mean, they pee test immediately after every stage!!!) Because of this positive test coming out at this time, Patrick crashed on Sunday, two Germany television stations had stopped carrying coverage of the Tour de France.

Here is what Versus commentator Phil Ligget, had to say

At the finish[of stage 10, the organizers] found that the German television stations ARD/ZDF had stopped transmitting the Tour because it had been announced that German rider Patrik Sinkewicz, who crashed out on Sunday, had given a positive drugs test in June.

I have to say I find this decision strange as everyone, especially since the Tour has worked hard to clean up the sport. I wonder why German television did not do the same in the days when the former East Germany won all of the medals in every sport? There is no doubt that in those black days the majority of those athletes from all sports were on drugs and nobody seemed to care.

Now, normally Phil is the first to condemn a rider if there is even a whisper of impropriety. And this bee finds him to be rather pompous at times, but he knows his riders and the sport for the most part. So that gets me thinking what does Phil know that he’s not sharing with the rest of us. And why did the testing results JUST get released from JUNE????

Hopefully, there are answers and this young man will either be cleared or if nothing else the whole true story will be aired.

Just not on German TV. ;-)