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Gerard Says Gamer Makes 300 Look Like a Walk in the Park

Gerard Butler The Bounty 3

Still filming the movie “The Bounty”, Gerard Butler was spotted making a dash up some stairs in New York.

I’m sure that kind of “stunt” isn’t anything like the ones he had to do for “Gamer”, a new action packed movie coming out this year.

“It makes ‘300’ look like a walk in the park, “ Butler said of the film that merges online gaming culture with a plot that might remind some fans of futuristic gladiator fantasy of The Running Man. “It exists in a world where gaming and technology have melded into one and morality has gone out the window.”

“It feels,” he said, “like the coolest art-house action film.”

I can’t wait to see more of this! And by this, I mean both The Bounty and Gamer.