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Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston Get it on in the Desert

THIS is something I have to see.  According to Popeater, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston just finished a very very VERRRRY steamy photoshoot for W Magazine in the desert this past week.  (Gerard also talked about it on the red carpet of the Golden Globes this weekend).

So, just HOW STEAMY are these photos?

Jennifer is wearing nothing but sexy silk stockings and lingerie while Gerry (that’s what Jen calls him) is a leather-clad New York City cop in the sexy X-rated pictures that are about to be revealed. Some say the photos will change our image of our best ‘Friend’ forever.

Popeater goes on to say that the shoot with Gerard and Jennifer is-

“the raciest cover that W magazine has ever shot. Far more sexy than the famous Brad and Angelina pictures in bed.”

Now if you remember, W Magazine did that “happy family” shoot with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt before they came out publicly about their relationship.  I still have a copy of that in my closet.  Brad and Angelina were in a mid century house, with litttle kiddies all around, and rolling around in bed with a gun.  Alrighty.

To read more about the photoshoot and Jen and Gerard go to PopEater

More photos of Jen and Gerard at the Golden Globes below

Images by Fame Pictures

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