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George Hincapie is a Badass

george hincapie taped clavicle tour de france

Imagine you’re one of the most fit athletes in the world.  And your sport requires you to put weight and strain on your arms, and torque your frame to beat everyone else.  Now, imagine doing that for four days, with a broken collar bone.

Team Columbia-Highroad backbone, George Hincapie took a spill with only 4 days left in the  Tour de France, breaking his clavicle.  At the time he REFUSED to see a doctor provided by the tour organization.  If he had been diagnosed with the injury, he would have been pulled from the race.

As for what it was like to race with the injury, Hincapie said

“It did hurt,”…“It was really bad in the mornings when I woke up … and, on the bike, it would hurt whenever I hit any kind of bump in the road.”

And as for the final stage on the Champs-Élysées which is all cobbled?

“With seven laps (of the 6.5km circuit) to go, it was really hurting a lot,” he said. “But on the last lap, I was fired up and I didn’t notice it all that much.”

It wasn’t until July 28th that George finally saw the doctor, getting x-rayed, diagnosing what we all knew. He sent out a note on Twitter, with a picture. Might I say? OUCH! Look at that thing, that’s not just a break, that’s a draw bridge!

Get better Hincapie, we all want to see you on the Tour of Missouri. Just don’t push it, ok?

All pics from @ghincapie’s twitter account