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Christian Vande Velde is OUT of the #TDF

It has NOT been the most comfortable Tour de France this year.  There have been so many crashes, rain, and even a dog on the loose!  And yesterday Garmin rider Christian Vande Velde went down hard.  Even though he made it across the Stage 2 finish line, he is headed home this morning.  Stitches and all.

I am blessed with great family and friends. They had to kick me off the bus this morning. Hoping for a safe race today for the entire race. [@christianvdv]

5 stitches and a pimpin’ Ryan Air exit row. I am smiling on the inside, really. [twitpic]

Garmin/Slipstream had a few men take a tumble and you can see photos of it all here

Heal up VDV. Let’s move on from this year.