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Fresh… Long Days!

See I can take a photo of my dinner.

Hey all! Let’s get this party started. WOOHOO. Ok, fine, I’ll just talk about today’s menu.

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Bonus Photo, Yellow Squash & Parmesan Cheese Quiche! Um, the watermelon didn’t make it.

What a day! GP had his “cocktails” today, but they cut it an hour shorter than usual, so all my errands were pushed into 2 hours instead of 3. EEEK! And I was in one of those I don’t want to face reality days, so I wasn’t thinking straight. So, after scarfing my breakfast above, I threw the muffin in my purse and ran out the door.

I ran down to San Diego after chemo, and realized I was starving. Yeah, I had already eaten my cranberry muffin. And now I know why the starlets are always photographed going to Starbucks! I ran into my favorite place in Little Italy, Pappalecco, and got a coffee the size of my head! Ahhh, that really helped.

I was so happy to get home and have my salad with salmon on top, that you shouldn’t even think about me getting a photo of that! I am realizing I really love salmon. I NEVER buy it, but I really cannot get enough of it with The Fresh Diet.

One thing though, my lemon cookie could have been baked a minute or two longer, and was sweeter than I would have liked. But don’t think for one minute that I didn’t eat it. ;-)

Yellow Squash & Parmesan Cheese Quiche with Fresh Watermelon
Fresh Salmon Salad with Green & Red Tomato, European Cucumber, Baby Lettuce & Citrus Ponzu Dressing
Chicken Breast & Basil Pesto Roulade with Sweet Baby Peas and Red Bell Pepper Orzo
Cranberry Orange Muffin
Lemon Zest Tea Cookies

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