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French President Sarkozy marries?

Sarkozy Marries Carla Bruni

So I’m sitting here watching CNN, and they say that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has “secretly” married his model/singer girlfriend Carla Bruni.

The regional newspaper l’Est Républicain, citing a source close to someone “present at the ceremony” said Mr Sarkozy, 52, and Miss Bruni, 40, exchanged vows at the presidential palace last Thursday after a highly publicised whirlwind romance.

Sarkozy plunges in the polls over Bruni affair
If the reports are true, Mr Sarkozy is the first French leader to marry in office since Napoleon

An Elysée spokesmen neither denied nor confirmed the report, saying that “this information relates to Nicolas Sarkozy’s private life”.

If it proves accurate then Mr Sarkozy was true to a prediction he made last week to the press in which he confirmed the seriousness of their relationship and said: “There are strong chances that you will hear about it (the wedding) when it has already happened.”

Sarkozy and his exwife divorced 2 months ago, and Carla is most known for her personal life dating musicians and businessmen.