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French Fries Don’t Fill the Void Jessica!!!!

jessica simpson hides behind her HUGE purse to hide her growing belly

Oh how good french fries taste late at night… I love them. In fact, I lost about 10lbs in college when that was my late night diet at Denny’s. If I was to do that now, I’d gain 50.

It seems that Jessica Simpson loves the tastiness of the FF just as much as I did. But she’s reportedly turning to food for comfort.

“She keeps getting crushes on the kind of guys who will let her down. That
triggers her cravings. She usually gives in to them at bedtime. When she is
at a hotel, she will often order a plate of French fries as a late-night
snack. She knows it isn’t healthy, but she doesn’t have a lot of willpower
right now.”

Jessica has reportedly gained 10lbs since September and has turned to close
friend Mike Alexander to help get her back into shape.

The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: “Jessica recently binged
on buffalo wings and cupcakes and gained some weight. She feels horrible.

Buffalo wings? When did she start eating those? Were they Pizza Hut wings?

And trust me girl, being single isn’t all that bad.