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Free Fitness Fun! Adventure Run Carlsbad CA

adventure run carlsbad ca
Here in Southern California, it can be difficult to find any fitness activity that is not over priced. Over $100 to run on a Sunday is not unheard of. But once a month, Road Runner Sports hosts the Adventure Run events for the running community in the San Diego North County area, and these events are free! Not only are these fun after work running events free, but there is also a chance that participants can win some fantastic prizes.


road runner sports carlsbad adventure run
photo via Road Runner Facebook

I have been hearing about these runs for about a year. So this past Thursday, we headed down to Carlsbad’s Road Runner Sports with our running gear on expecting a nice run in the evening. I was pleasantly surprised that it was anything but a simple run near the beach or the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

Carlsbad Adventure Run Map
We had signed up online a few weeks prior, so all we had to do was check in when we got there. We got our beer garden wrist bands for after the run, and were filled in on just what to expect. Once the event starts we were supposed to receive a map via email sent to our smartphones (I did not receive that email, and Joe Likey’s map would not load). Luckily, there was a giant map available for us to take a picture of with our phones to bring with us.

Instead of a super organized laid out running route that we would be following in waves, it was a loosely organized treasure hunt of sorts. Participants could go to as many or as few of the checkpoints that they wanted. Some of the check points were other local businesses, some were sponsored by local businesses. Most of them had you doing some sort of physical challenge in order to warrant your raffle tickets. Yes, raffle tickets are the goal of this race. You will be needing these for after the run.

In all we hit up 5 or 6 of the check points, and ran about 3 or 4 miles. We over heard that if you went to all of the check points it was just over 5 miles of running.

The running part of the event only lasts one hour. After this time participants head back to the start of the run, drop of their raffle tickets and if you are 21 or older, you can grab a FREE beer at the beer garden. Yes, the beer is free, too, but you can buy more if you want.

With all of the raffle tickets, the organizers gave away over 20 individual prizes from sponsors and local businesses. We even won a prize!

All considered this was one of the best running events I have been to in quite a while. First of all, it was free. Nothing is free in the San Diego area, so that is a major plus. Race run was creative with its check ins, and we were able to see some local business that we pass by regularly but had no idea were there.

I highly suggest the Adventure Run for anyone in the Carlsbad area that enjoys running, or is just starting their running. Maybe we will see you there!

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  1. I’ve never heard of Adventure Run before, sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  2. I wish I could have tried this out! It looks like it was fun.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. Would love that!

  4. What a fun race, I would love to try one like this.

  5. Fun and exciting race — I’ll have to enter next year.

  6. I wish I ad the dedication to run marathons. I manage to run to the fridge.