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Flashback -The Resurgence in Adventure Computer Games

prince alexander on the beach in kings quest 6.  Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation.

In the 1990s, I was a girl tied to the computer playing adventure games. You could not tell me that hours of playing Sierra’s Kings Quest and other classic computer adventure games was not the best way for me to pass my time. I absolutely loved the stories, the fun characters, the puzzle solving elements, and the beautifully painted (yes painted) backgrounds that these games had in store for me.

Fast forward to 30 years later and the old school adventure games that many enjoyed as kids are coming back with a bang.  It seems like they are everywhere right now.

Computer Adventure Games In Pop Culture

The text based computer adventure game, “Colossal Cave Adventure”, a precursor to many of the animated adventure games might as well have been a credited character on AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire.” If you have a few days to spare you can play “Colossal Cave Adventure” on the AMC website. Bring a pad of paper and a pen to draw yourself a map.

Fun With Friends… Virtually

Then there’s the online phenomenon of watching gamers play old school adventure games from the 1990s live or on Youtube. Day9tv has a show, Mostly Walking, hosted by Sean Plott, Bill Graner and Sean Bouchard “Mostly Walking,” every Monday where they play the game and you watch. They have already conquered Kings Quest 6 and The Dig. They get thousands of live viewers and then even more on Youtube after the day’s session is over.

The King (Quest) Returns

Building on the nostalgia, two months ago at Gamescom, Activision, the company that now owns Sierra put up this video, sending mid-90s computer adventure game fans into a complete dither.

What?  Sierra is coming back?  What does this MEAN???  Will Prince Alexander feel a strange pulling sensation while standing on the beach, once again? There was all sorts of speculations about what this actually meant, and now we have an answer.  Sierra is indeed bringing King’s Quest back! The newest version of KQ will “star” King Graham’s granddaughter Gwendolyn as she learns about her grandpa’s adventures. It is due out 2015, but no word when exactly. Maybe it will be released at next year’s Gamescom? Hopefully it comes out before then.

adventure game kings quest returns in 2015 with king graham and his granddaughter.  what will their adventure lead them to this time?

New Ways To Play

Adding to all of this are sites like that sell downloadable versions of classic adventure games. I was able to download 3 Kings Quest games for less than what I paid for one back in the day.

Some are suggesting that this resurgence in the older adventure games in due in part in a backlash to modern first person console games. The current games tend to be less story driven and more action driven. The slower pace of computer adventure games also forces players to interact more with the characters and figure out puzzles that push the game along.

What do you think of this nostalgia for computer adventure games? What seems to be driving it? Did you play any back in the day that you want to bring back?

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  1. the graphics in video games sure have come a long way.

  2. Reminds me of some of my favorite shoot em up games.