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Flash: Bees on Coke Dance More!

disco bees

It has been found that when you give honey bees cocaine they exaggerate, dance, and talk more!  Really?  So they turn into 21 year old party girls with an affinity for standing in line for the bathroom?    Party over here, party over there, oooii oooi!  WOOOOOOO

He found bees that usually “tell” others of pollen using a “waggle dance” did so more frantically when given cocaine.

Dr Barron, of Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, said: “When we withdrew the drug, we did a learning test and their performance just crashed.”

I can’t believe I was doing research in college that I thought was useful to humanity, and these researchers got paid to give cocaine to BEES!

To read a longer article on the coked up bees, click here

1 Comment

  1. Really?? Cool!!