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First Day of School!!!


I’m such a back to school nerd. I was walking through Target today with my mom, and I got sidetracked by the school supplies. I could have spent my blogging paycheck there, all $5 of it! heehee

I think I’d be more excited about this post if we weren’t constantly seeing photos of Maddox Jolie going to school up to this point. But I guess this is the first official day of Kindergarten. How fun!? But he won’t be singing “Head and shoulders knees and toes…” no he won’t. Maddox will be taking his lessons, in French only!

That’s right, his school is in French! How cool is that?!?!

“Sending a child off to school is always a huge and often scary step for any parent,” one insider said. “But it’s a lot harder for celebrities. They are used to constantly having their children with them, or at least with very loyal staff, and constantly having security around them. So to send them out there with everyone else is bound to be hard.”

Maddox started his first classes at the $18,000-a-year Lycee Francais de New York on the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan. His Hollywood superstar parents turned up on Tuesday to wave him off for his first day. “They were just like normal parents,” one insider said. “Except a lot better looking.”

I have only one question, what about the kids going to school in NOLA? Is that no longer fashionable?

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