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Natural Hangover Remedies – How To Feel Better When You Overdid The Night Before

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How you feeling this morning? Not so good? Too much sugar, one too many cocktails, not so great food and no sleep are the ingredients for a terrible morning and an awful hangover. Don’t fret, I have a few tips and natural hangover remedies to help with the night before.

Natural Hangover Remedies

Baking Soda –

Have a tummy ache from too much sugar/greasy food/cocktails? This is an easy and CHEAP hangover remedy and upset tummy fix. Add an Advil or aspirin if you have that hangover headache.

  • Get a small glass, coffee mug, whatever you have sitting in the cabinet.
  • Take that box of baking soda that is sitting in your pantry not doing anything and get a nice big spoonful and put it in your glass.
  • Add about 4 ounces of water. Stir.

This fix tastes TERRIBLE, but just think of it like a happy tummy shot, unlike the ones you had last night. Drink it all in one go, do not sip this or you will not finish.  Warning this will make you burp.  A lot.  But trust me when you have an upset stomach it does wonders.  I’m not sure how much to use with kids who ate too much candy and now have a stomach ache, but I know it works on adults.

Glass of water for hangovers

Drink Water! –

I know this might not sound fantastic but just do it.  If you throw up from it, you were going to do that anyway.  At least now you can move on with your life and start feeling better.  The sugar and alcohol need to LEAVE YOUR BODY!  Get it out.  Drinking plenty of water will help that process.

No Sugar –

Don’t even think about it.  Your body is already having a hard enough time with what you did last night, so let it do its clean up job.  Don’t go pouring sugar into your coffee, syrup on pancakes, donuts, candy bars, just don’t do it.

Coconut oil-

Just follow me on this one.  For some reason, adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your coffee helps you feel better.  Do not add sugar to it, just the coconut oil.  You can also use olive oil, but the coconut takes better in teas and coffee, but it will do in a pinch.

Go For A Walk | Do Some Yoga –

Yes I know, you hate everyone and everything, but get your butt moving.  I DO NOT suggest a run as the motion may upset your tummy even more, but you need to move and sweat my friend.  So put on some sunglasses and grab a bottle of water and face the day. Your body will thank you.   Not going outside?  Do some yoga, walk up and down your stairs, march in place.  Just do SOMETHING other than lay on the couch.

Sauna with steam

Sweat it Out in a Sauna –

If you are luck enough to have a steam room or sauna available, get in there!  Bring TONS of water, and sweat it. I prefer infrared saunas and wraps, but any kind will be a benefit. Bring a buddy just in case you need to leave quickly though, or forbid pass out.

Green Smoothies –

This awful feeling may be just what you need to jump start a better diet. Why not try a green smoothie full of fiber and vitamins? It’s easy to drink, and if you add a banana that will add some much needed potassium to your body.

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