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Fashion Week Spirits – Catwalk Cocktail

Peach Nectarine Cocktail Catwalk

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week officially kicked off this week, and in the spirit (heehe get it?) of the festivities, I will be bringing you fashion week inspired cocktails!

Today’s cocktail is the Catwalk. It brings what could be the official drink of fashion week, champagne, up a few levels. I love the unexpected twist (I did it again!) of raspberry and basil with the peach. You COULD also muddle the basil and pour all of this over ice, or in a tall champagne glass.


· 3 oz. Peach Nectarine Sparkling ICE
· 2 oz. Champagne or Sparkling Wine
· Sliced white peaches for garnish

· Pour champagne, then Peach Nectarine Sparkling ICE over ice
· Garnish with sliced peaches, raspberry and basil


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  1. I love how you always have a cocktail recipe…. you’re my kinda gal! :)

    • haha. me too jocelyn! we should all get on skype one night for a boozy virtual cocktail hour! ;)

  2. You always have the yummiest cocktails.. This looks delish!

  3. Wow, that cocktail makes my mouth water.

  4. Oh my Cari, I can always count on your for posting the most delicious cocktail recipes, this looks SO tasty!

  5. This sounds fantastic! It would also make a great summer drink!

  6. I love anything peach, including drinks. This one sounds fantastic.

  7. That sounds delicious, I am a huge fan of peach drinks!

  8. Peach cocktails are some of my favorites – I’m definitely going to have to try this one!

  9. I was drinking these at the weekend! thanks so much for the recipe!

  10. I love anything peach so I really think this would taste delish!