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Fashion Diet Challenge… Can I do This?

I’m no fashionista, but I like to look BETTER than just presentable.  But can I update 7 outfits for $100?  See how I did after the jump!

So, I was given this challenge, update 7 outfits for $100…. for fall. Here’s what I bought.  All for UNDER $100!!!

Shoes 29.99  GREY Booties  LOVE these shoes…

3 Pairs of Anne Klein tights for 9.99(2 black 1 eggplant)

Body slimmer WAS 30.00  I got it for 9.99! I know, not glamorous, but a GREAT buy.

Oscar De La Renta scarf!!!!!  I was so excited to find something Oscar Had to have it!

Sequin trimmed jersey cardi.  Super comfy, and a little glam.  Night for day?  Could be!  16.99

OUTFIT 1  using ODLR scarf, AK egglplant tights.  It’s a sheath dress and patent leather bag and boots.  Jewel tones make it very in for fall!  And not too zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

OUTFIT 2 Using Grey booties, and Black AK tights.

I’ll just tell you now, I have a thing for Grey and Black.  This is the same sheath dress, but with a big chunky grey sweater, with those black tights, and grey booties! Black grey black grey works for me!

Outfit 4. Using Grey Booties Black Tights.

No one wants to see my nude legs, especially in the fall.  This pencil skirt goes just above the knee, so tights it is!!  To bring a *pop* is my orange/salmon top.  Come on now, Fall can be a little blah… let’s bring it up a bit. (yes I know it’s fuzzy)

Outfit 5.  OSCAR DE LA FREAKING RENTA Scarf grey booties.   This is my “Oh I’ve been cleaning the house and you want to go to have a night in?  Um, give me 5 minutes I’ll be right over… “ outfit.  Just change my flip flops and cover the crazy hair!

Outfit 6.  I paired the sequined jersey cardi with jeans and t-shirt.  The grey booties look great with this, but I went with some black sequined heels I had already!   Loves it.  EASY UPDATE!

Outfit 7. Same jeans and t-shirt as above, but grey booties and hounds-tooth jacket.  Completely different look!

BONUS OUTFIT!!! I have a hard time wearing my favorite sweater.  Well, a lot of these clothes (including the t-shirts and jeans) without all the lumpies all over the place… I love this outfit the red sweater, and grey trousers, and now it looks goooood with that body slimmer.  In fact, I wore the body slimmer with EVERYTHING above.  :-D  How’s that for cost per wearing?!?!

So what do you think?  Did I do ok?  I really do love my greys and blacks. I also love the fall trend of jewel tones, and I think I did pretty good!!

This post is brought to you by MARSHALLS!!!!  Marshalls has been great to BusyBeeBlogger and now, they’re great to my readers!

Now that you have read this entire post, I have a deal for YOU!   Leave a comment and you can be in the running for a $100 gift certificate from MARSHALLS!!!  $100 to do your own fashion diet this fall!!! Just leave a comment and you are in the running!  The more comments you and your friends leave, the better your chances!!

So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Hey Doll!

    Love the shoes and the coat! You found some great stuff and that Oscar de la Renta scarf is to die for!

  2. I’m going to steal that cardigan. Sixteen bucks???

    • I know, and it’s super comfy

  3. GURRRL!!!! The booties, the tights, the Oscar De La FREAKING Renta scarf!! Pure hotness! And all this sexiness for under $100?! Who knew it was that easy to spiffy up our wardrobe for fall! Thanks for the tips and showing off your fab finds :)

  4. I am taking you shopping with me next time. I never find such great deals like that. You did an amazing job…So jealous!

  5. That is pretty amazing that you got all of those finds for under $100. Wowsers! I am impressed. Looking fierce, girlfriend!

  6. I love everything and I’m a huge Marshall’s fan. Bargains galore and you got all the basics plus great shoes.

    I agree with the gray and black, its ultra flexible and it’s perfect for Fall. I adore red and gray together.

    Great job girl!!

  7. I have a thing for black/grey too. I have to have that houndstooth jacket! Love it!

  8. I absolutely love that black cardi and the Oscar de la Renta scarf. You look great! You go girl. This post looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Us girls always love us some dress up :)

  9. That scarf may go missing as I might hunt it down! I adore the colors. Nice work

  10. Love the boots! AND what else for the fall but black and aubergine tights, nylons are so passe for the fall. As I looked at all the clothes I realized you are a fashionista! Love the “pied poule” print jacket! You did not make the challenge – your surpassed it! BRAVO!!!!! xo Robyn

    PS I need to be the winner :-)

  11. I love the booties! Also, you reminded me that its time to re-up on my opaque tights. All in all you picked some great items!

  12. I had to keep going up and down to look at the ensembles — over and OVER….they are bloody FANTASTIC! I LOVE the tights and booties…the Oscar de la Renta scarf? I’m coveting it!!


    xoxo j

  13. Oooooh do I ever love a good deal. You look fabulous!! X I love the black and white jacket. I totally need to update my wardrobe and need to go shopping. I still have my summer clothes in my closet!! :)

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Love the booties. Love everything! Great choices Bee!

  15. the booties working great with the chunkie sweater ( buttons!) and jeans …….very cool looks!! Great finds and fun fashion pics by you also!!