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Fashion Designer Isaac Mizrahi On Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party

You can always use my linens and place settings from QVC you know -BusyBeeBlogger

It’s Holiday time!!! Hanukkah started at sundown last night, then we have Christmas… then it’s New Years.  Dinners for weeks!

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi sat down with EatOcracy to talk about how to host the a dinner party, and not lose your mind.  And he gives really good advice!!!

1. Hire a waiter.
“… And preferably a cute one. It’s the only way to ensure that you will have fun at your own party, and unless you have fun, no one else will.”

2. Do not cook for more than six people.
“That’s not cooking, it’s catering – and it’s not your specialty unless you happen to be a caterer. So, hire a caterer the minute the seventh guest confirms.”

3. Wear comfortable shoes to your dinner party.
“Unless you have more than one waiter and you can stay seated most of the night. And remember, comfort is relative – some are more comfortable in high heels than flats.”

4. Only serve things you love.
“Unless you’ve tried things beforehand like menu items or even scented candles don’t have them. nothing worse than a terrible surprise like a new recipe that goes awry or a new, untried, awful-smelling hand soap.”

5. Always subtly specify when the party is set to end.
“If not on the invitation, on the phone as part of the pertinent information. Always say something like, ‘cocktails at seven, dinner at 8ish and we’ll probably finish by ten,’ so that you don’t have those guests who stay and stay and stay.”

I love love LOVE throwing parties up here in my ivory tower.  I have about 20 sets of dishes though, passed down from family, so nothing really matches.  But it sure is fun.  All of my imaginary friends get plenty to eat, and drink every holiday season :-)

What do you do to help a party go well?

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