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Fall Colors In The Sierras: Fishing at Rock Creek

The Colors of the tress turn for the fall.  Sierra mountains fall does not last long enjoy hiking camping and fishing while it lasts

There are few things as beautiful as the Sierras in the fall. The only downside to it is that this season has a short shelf life in the Sierra Mountains near Mammoth Lakes. It seems to go from a few weeks of summer straight into winter and all its snow covered glory. But these few weeks of fall are glorious, especially if you like hiking and camping in the Sierra mountains. This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the cooling temperatures before it gets down right frigid.

Our friend make the hike to Rock Creek, a well known camping and fishing spot in the Sierras, and sent us this video. I love that you can see the fish in the clear creek water, but they obviously just are not biting the hooks that day. I guess it is not all bad when you have a view like that, right?

There is some talk on the video about looking for bald eagles while waiting for the fish to bite there at Rock Creek. Have any of you seen bald eagles while hiking or camping in the Sierra Mountains here in California? I guess even if you miss out on the fish, or the eagles, you really are not at a loss of beautiful things to see. Those mountain views really do give you something to look at no matter what else is going on there.

What do you guys think? Is the hike worth it to put your fishing line in the water at Rock Creek in the Sierra Mountains? Do you have any favorite places to go camping where you are?

I would love to hear it.

Fall colors in the sierras.  Fishing at rock creek near mammoth lakes in California


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