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Fall Cleaning Tips

Tips for Autumn House Cleaning

When it comes to prepping your home, Spring cleaning gets all of the glory, but Fall cleaning is just as important. Whether you live in a studio on the beach or a McMansion in Rancho Santa Fe it’s a great time to start fresh. And it will help you to get a head start on preparing for holiday guests.

1. Start in one room, or even a small hallway
Cleaning the entire house, no matter the size can be an overwhelming idea. Choosing one area, just one room or a small hallway gives a sense of accomplishment.

When we started our fall cleaning, we began in a small hallway. This hallway we started our Fall cleaning in is right off of the garage and the front door, and it gets filthy quickly, but it is dark so we do not notice until it is overwhelming.  A simple sweeping, and a spray down with lavender Frosch eco-friendly cleaning spray on the wood floor with a rag and everything with tidy in no time. It may be tiny, but it was quite the confidence booster.

elvgren pinup girl raking leaves yellow dress stockings2. Work from the top down
While we started on the floor in the hallway, just to get that out of the way, we suggest starting at the top of the rooms if possible. It might become frustrating if you sweep the floors first then only have to do it again.

Get a broom and knock down the cobwebs and dust the tops of curtains and window valences.  If you have a step ladder, this is the time to get it out and use it. Then dust shelves, clean window sills, and if you are feeling especially feisty work on the baseboards.

Working down the from the top of a room allows all of the dust to settle at the bottom, that is the floor, so that you will only vacuum, sweep or mop it only once if possible.

3. Choose your favorites 
Your house is your sanctuary. Don’t use anything that makes your job more difficult, or that smells awful. Sure, there are standard cleaners that can be fine but they can smell terrible and who knows what they are made from. We prefer to use green cleaning products, that still work of course, that also smell pleasant. My favorite is Frosh’s lavender universal cleaner. It’s eco-friendly and smells pleasant everywhere I use it in the house, and it works well.

4. Get everyone involved
Don’t take the task of cleaning the house on by yourself. Even if you live alone, invite some friends over and tell them you’re going through things and want to know if they want first dibs. (Have some things ready before they get there.)

If you have people living with you, whether a spouse, roommates, or even kids, everyone can lend a helping hand. Even it the only thing they do is take out the trash, it is always a great help, and doing any work on cleaning offers a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Don’t go overboard on the cleaning tasks.  While I always love a good makeover of a room, especially a DIY bathroom makeover on the cheap, now may not be the time to tackle this task. You are just looking to clean, not redesign your entire home. If you need to take it room by room, do that! You can tackle your fall cleaning over the length of a few weeks, no one is demanding you do it all in one day.

Good luck with your fall cleaning, and let us know how it goes!

This post contains affiliate links. BusyBeeBlogger was given cleaning items to test for this post from Frosch, but all editorial content is our own.