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Bollea-Hogans  Splashnewsonline

Will the lies never stop in this world?!??! Nothing but lies!

It seems that there’s a RUMOR the Hogan divorce… is a SHAM! That’s right! This whole thing about having the world kicked out from under him blah blah blah… LIES! Fake as Brooke Hogan‘s Boobies…

Why? MONEY!!!!

If the Hogans divorce, Linda Bollea wants half of the assets she and “Hulk” acquired during their marriage. This would mean, if the family of the passenger, John Graziano, that was in the car with Nick Bollea the night he was let off with a few warnings for street racing and subsequently hit a tree, resulting in a brain injury, was to SUE the Bollea/Hogans….. their assets were be in HALF! That means less cash-o-la for the injured.

Nick Bollea faces a felony charge of reckless driving with serious bodily injury, and attorneys for John Graziano’s estranged parents have said they intend to file a lawsuit as a result of the crash.

But if the Supra and the Viper are not registered to both parents, it could be harder to go after Mrs. Bollea individually, Kohn said. The mother’s degree of control over who used the vehicles would have to be determined.

Kohn said she would proceed with a civil suit as if the couple were married. She and attorney George Tragos, who represents Graziano’s mother Debra, will handle any civil suit, which she expects will be filed in 2008.

Now I see a few issues. This John Graziano knew what was going on. He knew they were street racing… didn’t care. And he was ESTRANGED from his family…. as in they didn’t talk. This is just about cash… and not accepting that they’re son could hold some of his own responsibility. Not that Nick is all that bit of an angel… or his MOTHER for that matter.

I’m just saying.