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What’s The Hottest Trend In Jewelry? Just Ask Beyoncé

Beyoncé wearing flash tattoos on birthday vacation bikini thigh gap photo

It looks like flash tattoos, what I thought was going to be a flash in the pan (unintentional but I’m keeping the pun) of accessories, is now THE accessory to have. Even Beyoncé was wearing them in her now infamous “thigh gap” photo (above) while on her birthday vacation. She is decked out head to toe in these gold and silver stick on Metallic Jewelry Temporary Tattoos.

I do really like this trend, but I was not sure it was going to take off when I first saw it early in the summer. One of my favorite things about it is that I like to wear bracelets stacked up, but they make a lot of noise. With the flash tattoos, I can have what looks like a pile of bracelets, but they stay quiet, especially when I am typing at the computer in my very small office.

Didn’t hear about Beyonce’s thigh gap photo dust up?  Well, it seems that whoever runs her social media posted the picture above with obvious photoshopping done between the legs to create a “thigh gap” where there isn’t one.  If you look closely, you can see that the stairs between her legs are completely crooked, and not in line with the rest of the stairs.  Ummm oops.

 after posting the photo above to her Instagram account, fans were quick to point out that Beyoncé (or someone on her team) had altered the photo to create a thigh gap—something she has been accused of before.

But this time, the evidence is even more clear. Check out the uppermost stair that is—there’s no other way to say this—directly between her legs. It is clearly crooked, hinting that Beyoncé used an app to distort the photo and make her legs look skinnier.[]

The image has since been deleted from her Instagram account. But, at least her flash tattoo jewelry looked great. :-)

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  1. I’m more concerned about the photoshop on her thighs. lol

  2. She’s so obsessed with the photos that are out there of her. And they talk about Kim being vain.

  3. The photoshop is out of control. But she looks good otherwise, gorgeous!