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Elevate Your Cocktail – Lemon Sparkler Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Lemon Sparkler Cocktail Champagne cognac
Let’s have a little fun with the cocktails this weekend shall we? I will be bringing you cocktail recipes all weekend. Today is an elevated sparkling wine cocktail. I absolutely love citrus, so that makes it heavenly for me. This might be a fun way to celebrate the OSCARS at home. Or maybe bring brunch to your own dining room.

Lemon Sparkler

1 ½ oz. CAMUS VS Elegance Cognac
1 oz. lemon juice
6 oz. Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne
2-3 dashes of simple syrup
Combine CAMUS VS Elegance cognac, simple syrup, lemon juice and ice in shaker. Shake and pour into a champagne flute. Top with Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne. Garnish with lemon curl.

It may not be your every day Champagne Cocktail Recipe or heck, even an every day cocktail recipe, but this is both elegant and fun.  Great for a cocktail party with a group, a girls’ night in or romantic dinner for two.  Why not surprise everyone with this beautiful Champagne Cocktail Recipe this weekend?

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  1. You post a lot of booze, Bee, you’ve got me worried. lol

    • Lol it comes from getting tired of the same old drinks. I like new cocktails

      • hehe. Keep posting them I love em. I’ll let you know if you type like you’re seeing ddoouubblee :)

  2. Anything with champagne in it sounds good to me!

  3. Another great drink suggestion, I’m totally down for anything that has lemon in it!

  4. I love lemon so this is the cocktail for me!

  5. This looks great. Anything with a touch of lemon works for me.

  6. Gawd I want to roll around in a trough of this stuff.

  7. This looks so good! i definitely want to try this.