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Eddie’s Worst Nightmare


If you don’t know anything about LA, the IVY is NOT where you go to have a private conversation. It’s on Robertson just down the street from KITSON! You go there for press. Period.

On an unrelated note, here are Mel B. and Eddie Murphy‘s ex wife Nicole Murphy having lunch at the Ivy earlier this week. Nicole even held the new baby, Angel, and brought along her own lovely daughter.

You KNOW these two didn’t even speak when Mel was with Eddie. But now that things are different, and they can co-miserate and make their plans together!

Yes, we do this. Just not at the Ivy. ;-) It’s soooo girl power!

Splash Photos via D-Listed BUZZfoto

scaryandex-2.jpg scaryandex-3.jpg scaryandex-4.jpg Mel B baby