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Eddie Izzard Ran The UK Now to Run For Office

eddie izzard running 2

One of my favorite comedians, Eddie Izzard, has done a tremendous fete, he ran over 1,100 miles throughout the UK to raise money for Comic Relief (you can still donate here). That is 43 marathons in nearly as many days! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? I was able to follow his whole trip via his twitter (@eddieizzard) where he would often posts photos of his trip and people he met along the way.

Talk about a bad ass.

After Eddie was greeted the day after he completed his 43rd marathon in London by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, he talked to the press saying that he was hoping to run for some sort of political office in the next 10-15 years.

Eddie, star of the FX series The Riches, has stated his desire to enter politics before so I wouldn’t doubt that this will really happen. But how many people will really vote for a comedian/actor who often wears women’s clothes? Well, he IS British…. ;-)

More pics of Eddie running through London below!