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Ed Westwick joins 'Californication'


From Gossip Girl pretty boy, to vampire obsessed student, Ed Westwick will be joining the cast of Californication this upcoming season.

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has filmed a guest appearance for the upcoming season of the Showtime comedy, Californication.

The actor, who plays rich baddie Chuck Bass on the cult CW series, will star as Balt, a vampire-obsessed student of Hank’s (David Duchovny) on an episode airing later this year.

I hope Hank Moody verbally smacks this goober sounding character all around the set. I can only imagine that Westwick’s character will be looking all Emo ala Pete Wentz with Rob Pattinson unwashed hair thinking he’s all deep and tragic… ug. I can’t imagine Hank feeling all that much for the Twilight crowd.


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