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Easy Vintage Hair Up-Do For High Humidity Days How-to Video

high humidity retro hair lisa freemont street video

Today, we have a video tutorial for high humidity hair style with a vintage twist. What a lifesaver in all this heat that I know is just going to get hotter and stickier as the summer rolls on. This retro Southern California girl is already tired of the heat and humidity. You all east of me, I don’t know how you do it year after year.

Lisa Freemont Street who does the video was in a bit of a rush when she was filming but if you just take a little time to smooth things out, this high humidity hair style will work just about anywhere. The pin curls and flower are optional for those that are not into the vintage or retro look. But I do think that the roll in the back would be perfect for work or a weekend date. Anything that gets my hair off of my neck and off of my face while still looking presentable is tops in this Southern California pinup’s book.

Also for you –

You can always add a little bit of a retro spin on your contemporary style, and this hair style is almost perfect for those high humidity summer days. This style is quite easy and all you need are a handful of pins and a roll. If you do not have the mesh sponge that Lisa has in the video you can use a smaller scarf or even the leg of a sport sock. Yeah, no one needs to know. It is like what I do my sock buns, there is a reason that they are called that but I do not like telling everyone I have a sock in my hair. You can buy the squishy hair sponges at the drugstore.

This takes a little practice, but it will be well worth it for Summers to come.

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1 Comment

  1. Such a cute hairstyle, I need to give this a try.