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Easy Sunday Morning Breakfast

ozery bakery morning rounds and egg for breakfast

Sundays are my favorite morning. This is usually when I am able to take a moment from whatever excitement I had the night before, pour myself a nice cup of tea, and take my time getting breakfast. This weekend, some of us in the house were recovering from a lot of fun from the night before. This easy breakfast, with Ozery morning rounds, filled the bill of an easy, delicious, and even healthy breakfast fast to make up for the night before.

ozery bakery morning rounds

With the Ozery morning rounds, you can either get the snack size, that I especially like since they are only 70 calories each, or the regular sized morning rounds. These are about the size of an english muffin. I like to cut mine in half and toast them, but you can also warm them in the oven, or even use them as the base for french toast (OMG good).

breakfast with nutiva coconut oil

While my morning rounds are toasting, I put some Nutiva coconut oil in a pan and fry and egg over easy. It doesn’t take long since I want my yolks to still be a little runny adding their flavor to balance the hint of sweetness in my rounds.

The larger rounds hold the entire egg on one half. So if you wanted to make a hearty breakfast sandwich I would suggest using the larger size.

I am particular to the Date and Chia, or Cranberry and Orange flavors, but they also come in Muesli, and Apple Cinnamon.

This is also great when you have a little extra time before work or school during the week. I rarely have time to make my breakfast, but this one is so worth it. You can also enjoy the variety of Ozery Bakery flavors toasted with butter, almond butter and honey, or jam. The snack size make great appetizers instead of toast topped with whatever savory mix you can dream up for a little get together, too. So delicious. Ozery morning rounds are low in fat, high in fiber, and there is NOTHING ARTIFICIAL! All they are is delicious. received product for review. All editorial content is my own.

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  1. … and add a little Hollandaise sauce and… yum yum!

  2. These sound delicious, most definitely want to give this a try.