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E! ‘s Married To Jonas PREVIEW

Just when I had started to readjust to a life that was Jo-Bro free, I hear about “Married To Jonas” headed to E! this Sunday.

E! is pulling back the curtain on the celebrity marriage of pop sensation Kevin Jonas and New Jersey girl-next-door Danielle Deleasa when “Married to Jonas” premieres August 19th at 10/9c. The series will give viewers an intimate inside look at the lives of these young newlyweds as they work to find balance between small-town family life and worldwide fame.

There will be cameos from the rest of the Jonas Brothers’ group of course. You can’t have a reality show involving ONE and not have ALL of them show up at some point!

If you just cannot with to see the premiere episode, you can get a preview of it FOR FREE on I-Tunes ooooorrrr you can watch it below RIGHT NOW!!! You can feel free to thank me in the comments below.

Try to keep the squealing and jumping around the room to a minimum. We wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for being too loud after hours ;-)


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