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DWTS dolls? Really?.

ug…I thought we were done with Dancing with the Stars and Marie Osmond!!!

I know it’s the holiday “buy all sorts of crappy gifts that no one really wants to get in the first place presents” season but was this necessary?

I don’t really like dolls to begin with, so the fact this woman has a whole line of little girl dolls that she sells on QVC, kinda makes me feel icky. And they all look just like her!!!!!! Even more creepy.

People magazine reported

The limited collection will include dolls dressed in the same costumes [Marie] Osmond wore on the show—the Boogie Woogie doll, the Paso Doble doll, the Quickstep doll and the (controversial) season finale Freestyle doll.

The first two dolls in the collection—the samba doll (a.k.a. the fainting doll) and the fox trot doll—sold out in eight minutes on QVC during an earlier auction.

SOLD OUT!!! That means that there are other people that collect dolls. Ok not just collect dolls but dolls that look like Marie Osmond!!! They just creep me out, like Chuckie!