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Duran Duran Talks about “Britney” Video

A few days ago, I mentioned something about the new Duran Duran video (fun!) from their new album, Red Carpet Massacre. It’s causing quite the stir, and with the new breed of “stars” it’s clear why. Rehab is the new black! Oh, and did we mention that the girl in the video looks like Britney used to? It gets even better….

The song, “Falling Down” was produced and co-written by Justin Timberlake, and features a girl checking into rehab who looks remarkably like Britney Spears. (In this case, the rehab is populated by scantily clad models. Hey, it is a rock video.)

Duran Duran finally talked about this video. Please, it’s getting them press that Justin helped write the song, and the video looks like Brit (used to). Why not ride the wave?

“I suppose it’s loosely based on her, but not [only] on one celebrity – just celebrity culture in general,” drummer Roger Taylor told PEOPLE MAGAZINEWednesday before hitting the stage at a Manhattan gala benefiting the National Down Syndrome Society. “A lot of [young celebrities] seem to disappear into rehab. … So it’s kind of like, what could be happening in your wildest dream in that rehab center?”

And the band didn’t even like the ending of the video… watch it you’ll see

“I didn’t like that at all,” admitted bassist John Taylor. “I wanted it to be a little more ambiguous at the end, because I’m a believer in recovery.”

So take a look and YOU decide….