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People Magazine is saying that Nicole Richie was “Pleasantly Surprised” to be released early. Ummm… DUH! Do we really think she was begging the guards to let her stay all four days?!?! NO!

Her lawyer told People

“Nicole was aware that most people with sentences similar to hers are booked and released in a matter of hours and she was hoping to be treated like everyone else,” attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said in a statement. “Nevertheless, she was prepared to serve her entire four-day sentence had the Sheriff’s Department required her to do so.”

For those who don’t know WHY this happened, So Cal has overcrowding issues. So they let out of the beginner crimes so they can get the idea that they can do whatever they want. I mean, They let out the less serious criminals to free up room for those who drive on suspended licenses. ;-)