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DSC returns to San Diego Radio!! VIDEO

THIS morning, the “DSC SHOW” officially returned to the San Diego airwaves!! 100.7 Jack FM was the lucky station that grabbed them up.

It was a bumpy start, the Jack FM internet live feed was DEAD AIR, but after that, things were back to normal. Well, almost. Shelly Dunn is still not on the show.

The MAYOR of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, even stopped in a told the story of how Chris Boyer (“fringe player” on the show) came into his office with LICK ME painted on his chest. Nice.

So, what was it like being at a new station?

“People walk around smiling in this building, and I’m not used to that,” Ruth said.

Even though Ruth “66” is a part of radio royalty, she says it’s nice to see the phone lines light up.

“The thing I’m looking forward to the most, besides being paid to laugh everyday, is talking to listeners. I really, really missed talking to the listeners,” Ruth said. [CBS8]

OH!  and there’s a very special guest tomorrow around 8.  Yay!

What was your favorite part this morning? I loved that Ruth66 started off the day with her mic turned down. It was music to my ears. :-)

Image via Jack


  1. Thanks for the press Cari! Okay, okay – I was the only one who started off with technical difficulties. I don’t know my new board yet. But man, I had a blast today. Best Monday of my life!! Love Your Show, Cari – Ruthie

    • But, I loved it!!! At least you didn’t let the f-word fly