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Drug Dealing on set! Blind Items!!


#1 – This producer has had at least one Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The thing is, he has been the producer of many, many movies, but has never done any actual producing. He takes the producer credit in exchange for a reduced fee in the drugs he supplies to the set.

#2 – This C list actor shows up as a recurring role for three or four episodes at a time on a television show and then disappears for a year or so and does it again. His latest show was an arc on a bubble network comedy. Anyway, during his three weeks on the show, he managed to get not one, but two extras pregnant. Nice huh? It’s a good thing he doesn’t work more.

#3 – This director has had a top ten movie of the week this year. The word is to never visit him in his trailer. Ever. From the second he walks into the trailer he takes off his clothes. If you come to his trailer he doesn’t cover himself or make any efforts to be modest. It is full frontal the entire time. He isn’t lewd about it, he just goes naked until he is needed on the set again.

#4 – This B-/C+ actor from a hit network drama who has had a very famous girlfriend in the past year, thinks he has a life coach that he hired last year. What he really has is a tabloid reporter who is writing a book about the show and the people on it.


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