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Dove Gets Real At Sundance #WeightlessHair #ParkCityBarbershop @Dove @DoveMenCare

Dove Hair - Sundance Salon

This year Dove took a different approach to Sundance than other brands. Dove wanted to serve the men and women in and behind the film industry. Reporters who work the lines everyday and film industry people who are behind the scenes were showered with voluminous blowouts, and men were treated with Dove Men+Care Aqua Shampoo and received hot shaves with the new Dove Expert Shave line.

Dove has always been a brand that stands for real women and for real men, and this year they made a point to prove it at Sundance. Their launch of two new products, Dove Oxygen and their Expert Shave line for men, were given to real men and women at Sundance.

Dove Hair - Sundance Salon

Dove is honored to help spread the love for a brand who cares for us… “Us” the people who work long hours and aren’t considered celebrities, “Us” who pay for the things we want and don’t normally get free gifts. Us… real women and real men. The real Men and real Women who Dove celebrated this weekend at Sundance.

Even though Dove was prioritizing and celebrating real men and women, they were able to squeeze in a few celebrities.

Lea Thompson, Molly Shannon, Kellan Lutz, Lance Bass, Jorge Garcia, Kate Flannery from The Office, and one of my favorite celebs Gilles Marini stopped by Dove’s suite to share the love for real people in the industry, and great hair.

A big “Like” to Dove for giving love to those that work behind the scenes at Sundance.  Everyone needs help with hat hair in the Sundance cold.

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  1. Nice to breeze in for a little VIP treatment.

  2. Such a fun idea, love Dove!

  3. I would kill for a voluminous blowout right now!!

  4. Great pics thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG Gosh send Gilles home to me, too hot!

  6. Nice that they are doing men too!

  7. Isn’t that the guy from LOST? Dove is always putting on great events.

  8. I love to get my hair blown out, hate to do it myself

  9. This looks like a fun event!

  10. I like Dove hair products, use them every now and then

  11. Dove products are great…especially the body wash.

  12. I love Dove products!

  13. Looks like Dove did a good job! Love how they treated the men and woman behind the scenes of the films to a nice relaxing time.