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Douglas on his one man show


Celebrity Icon, Kirk Douglas took to his MYSPACE again today… I love reading what he has to say. Almost as much as his grandkids like icecream

Before I Forget
Current mood: exhausted
I did it — 4 performances of my one man show, Before I Forget, at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. Full houses and they seemed to like it. It was very gratifying to me but, I am exhausted. At the last night curtain call, my wife came onstage to give me an ice cream cone, then my son Peter entered with my grandson Tyler to give me ANOTHER ice cream cone. At my final bow, my dog Danny came on. I talked about Danny in the show. If any of my friends saw Before I Forget, I would love to hear from you. Now, back to reality.
The world is still in a mess. But I think our president Barack Obama is doing a good job. I just hope that all Americans can pull together and not place so much emphasis on being Democrats or Republicans. Let’s place emphasis on being Americans.
Before I forget, at an earlier show, my son Michael came on to give me an ice cream cone. I’m stuffed. Kirk


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