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Don’t Mess With Babara Walters


DANG! Heather Mills has messed with the WRONG WOMAN! Everyone knows you don’t tick off Barbara!

It seems that Ms Walters has interviewed Paul McCartney’s estranged wife a few times, and let’s just say, it takes a lot to get Barbara to say not so nice things about you on her show.

Barbara Walters dished on Heather Mills during “The View” today. She’s interviewed Mills twice and had nothing nice to say about Paul McCartney’s ex after her behavior at the second interview, by which time she was with Paul. Mills complained about the temperature of a glass of water she was given to sip.

Said Barbara in the context of the longer anecdote, “She was extremely difficult… She was so impossible to our producers.”

Want to see the video? of course you do…

Click HERE.