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Don't Dwell In Drew Barrymore's Past

Don’t dwell on Drew Barrymore’s party girl past.

The former party girl child actress turned good girl and producer is promoting her new movie with former boyfriend Justin Long. But here’s a word of advice, DON’T DWELL ON HER PAST.

It seems that during a long line of interviews For GOING THE DISTANCE one reporter just wouldn’t drop the subject of Drew’s former wild child ways. And Barrymore just couldn’t take it anymore.

She told the next reporter that she knows she made a lot of mistakes as a young actress, including her rehab stint as a teenager, but that she was proud of how she learned from it. But that she

“wanted to rip this woman’s face off. She just would not shut up about it.” [HilaryShepherd]

Well, now I know, don’t prod Drew about the past… I wouldn’t want her to rip my face off!

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