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Doink Doink!


As of September 6th, Fred Thompson will be officially running for President. That’s right, the head DA on Law and Order will be looking to be the President.

He will officially announce this via webcast on his website

In light of all this NBC will NOT be showing episodes of Law and Order that Fred’s in due to federal equal time provisions. But, TNT WILL be showing L&O.

“TNT has no plans to alter its schedule,” spokeswoman Shirley Powell said, a stance that could provoke a fight in the courts or before the Federal Communications Commission.

Equal time rules require TV stations to provide the same airtime to opponents when a candidate appears on the air. The many exceptions — news shows, talk shows, interviews, documentaries — essentially mean the rules apply to entertainment programming.

THANK GAWD! I mean if TNT decided NOT to do this, they’d have NO programming. I mean, I can sit here ALL DAY and watch Fred on L&O till I fell asleep on the couch after too many cheetos and diet cokes.

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