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Documentary, Not a piece of puff

britney spears photoshoot

Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, talked to MTV (via OK) about her upcoming documentary, For the Record. He says that they “went there” with it and that we will all get to see who she really is. hmmm interesting…..

“We went there with it,” he told MTV news last night at preview of the movie in L.A. “You see Britney in a light you’re not used to seeing her in. She’s intelligent, she’s introspective, she’s honest. By the end of the film you really understand who she is in a way that you just never imagined. … It is so not a puff piece.”

He goes on to say that she is the real deal…

“She’s got a unique set of talents. She’s got a blend of certain talents,” he says. “She’s a great singer. She’s a great dancer. She’s got an amazing image. She’s incredibly likable.” In short, he sums up, “She’s got this intangible thing that makes her a star.”

I must say, that I DO like Larry Rudolph. Even if Britney feels like a caged animal at times, when he’s around her, things seem to go well for her.

So will you be watching?