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DIY: Matte Black and Gold Party Inspiration

party inspiration matte black and gold

Looking for a little inspiration for upcoming parties? How about straying from what the ordinary and expected and go for something a little more glamorous. Matte black and gold could be a great mix for either a Halloween themed party this upcoming weekend or even for New Year’s Eve. Very adult, very sexy, very easy to do.

If you do not have a black table like I do, stop by Target or the fabric store and pick up a runner that is black or gold. You can use gold votive holders, DIY your wine glasses with gold paint, or my favorite, go through your Christmas decorations and pull out the white twinkling lights and gold garland. Expect the DIY gold trimmed votives and wine glass blog post very soon.

Encourage your guests to wear black and gold. I know that platinum and silver are more popular for jewelry, but this will be a great excuse to break out the gold. You could even have gold flash tattoos in goody bags at the door!Decorate your black champagne bottles to decorate your black and gold party. Or have it as a fun thing to do during your next party. DIY Black/Gold party

The inspiration for this party was a bottle of sparkling wine. It has a gorgeous matte black bottle with gold writing on the label. You can get sparkling wine in full sized bottles or in mini bottles. Use these mini bottles as place holders at your dinner table. Take a gold marker and put your guests’ names directly on the bottle and have it waiting for them when they sit down for the evening.

If you party is a little less formal, use the bottles as a fun project during the night. Give a bottle to each of your guests, either full size or one of the cute minis, along with one of the gold markers. Let them decorate their own bottle in whatever theme they like, then they can take it home after the party. Be sure to take plenty of photos, though. Chances are that your guests will want to pop the tops and free the sparkling wine from inside the bottles by the end of the night, and leave the bottles behind!

Try out this easy, seductive party and you won’t be disappointed. Perfect for the New Year, or any time you want to have an easy to set up party.

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