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DIY – How-to Paint A Diamond Pattern On Living Room Wall

Take an afternoon and redo your living room with this simple painting DIY.

Is your living room looking a little blah? Want to add a little plash of color to a bedroom, office, or your dining room? This diamond pattern living room painting how-to is easy and FAST! We took a 90 inch wide by 104 inch high section of my living room and painted this Do It Yourself diamond pattern on it in 2 hours. That includes the drying time for the paint! You can easily do this painting DIY over the weekend with a friend.

I chose a wall in my living room to paint. I already liked the color that was there, but I wanted to add a blue/grey paint to it. I like the contrast of the tan/blue. If you do not already like the color of the wall you will be painting, paired with the color of the diamonds that you want, this will take longer. You will first need the entire area you will be putting the diamond design onto to be painted the color you want to show through. Like I said, I already like the tan color I had on the wall, so this cut down on application time for me. If you are painting from scratch this will be a two day project, just to be safe.

What you will need –

  • measuring tape
  • pencil (do NOT use a pen they bleed through paint)
  • 1 1/2 inch painter tape
  • paint brush
  • tarp to cover floor
  • paint
  • 6 foot ladder
  • and a friend to help

Be sure that your tape is pressed tightly to the wall for this painting DIY

Step 1 – Measure your wall. y wall is 104 inches high and 91 inches wide. This will decide how wide/tall your diamond pattern will be. I wanted more diamonds horizontally than vertically. So, the width of my diamonds are 21 1/2 inches. This takes into account the width of my tape throughout the length of the wall. The easiest way to figure it out, though, is to just decide how many diamonds you want, and divide your length by that number. I drew out a couple different versions and decided that four diamonds length-wise looked best on this area of my wall. so 91 / 4 = about 22 3/4 inches (roughly). Draw your pattern out on a pad of paper and keep this nearby. You will need this for reference.

Step 2 – Mark your wall. Now that you know how wide and tall your diamonds will be, mark your dimensions on the wall. You will need to mark on the right side, left side, top and bottom in pencil. I suggest that if you are not taking the width of the tape into account for your measurements that you make your marks a little longer than you think are necessary. Such as if you run into a corner like I did on both sides, your mark should go onto those walls and possibly the ceiling. This will make finding your mark when putting the tape onto the wall MUCH easier.

Painting DIY diamond pattern can be completed in a day

Step 3 – Lay the tape. This is where having a friend with a ladder really helps. Start on one end of the wall, at the top. Hopefully you have that drawing nearby. This is your guide to the placement of your painter tape. Have your friend start in one corner holding the tape tightly on your first mark. You will then guide the tape to its ending spot on the bottom of the wall. Remember to pull the tape tight, this will help keep the paint from bleeding. Once you found the spot for the tape press down the tape onto the wall the entire length. This will also keep the paint from bleeding. You need to press down on this tape the entire length. Make sure there is a good contact the entire way. Do this for the rest of your wall. I suggest starting at the left and moving right, then going back right to left. This will keep your directions straight in your mind. Left to right diagonals first, then right to left.

Step 4 – PAINT! Now that all of your tape is on the wall, in the pattern that you want, and is pressed tightly, it is time to paint. You can use a roller if you like, especially if this is a large wall you are working on, but since this was a small wall and it needed so much cutting in on the sides, top, and bottom, we just chose to use a brush for the entire wall. When you are painting on the tape, paint over it slightly and in the direction it is running. This will help keep the lines defined.

Step 5 – Dry. You will need to let the paint dry for AT LEAST 30 minutes after you finished painting. It was an especially hot day here in southern California, so I could have let it dry for less time, but we wanted to be safe. DO NOT let the paint dry completely. This may cause the paint to come off the of wall when you peel off the tape! After 30-45 minutes you will need to CAREFULLY remove the tape. I took it off one strip at a time. This is where putting the tape on left to right, then right to left will pay off. You will hopefully have avoided any basket-weave patterns with the tape, and can remove strips easily one at a time.

Diamond Pattern weekend painting DIY

Step 6 – Let dry completely. I would not suggest hanging pictures or placing furniture up against the wall immediately. You might want to wait an hour or two before doing anything like that just to be sure the paint has dried completely.

Step 7 – Enjoy! Take pictures, post them on facebook, and admire your work. This is a simple DIY paint project if you just take your time and plan. And it looks great in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office.

If you decide to do this project I would love to see how it turned out! You can do this, just take the time to draw it out first, then take your time.






UPDATE Paint names used for this project –
Do it yourself paint color Barista from Home Depot  Diamond pattern for living room

For the tan wall we used Behr paint in Barista.

Home Depot Behr custom paint used for DIY living room diamond pattern.  Do this project in less than a day and change your whole look
The blue was a custom color but if you take this image to the paint department they can enter the numbers in for you and will come up with something VERY similar.

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