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DIY Cocktail Recipe: Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail

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Celebrations and entertaining usually means break out the bubbly. How about we break out the bubbly and make it a little more interesting? The Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail is a great way to take a less expensive dry sparkling wine or Champagne and turning it into a fun cocktail for your party.

Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail’s Cousin

The Kir Royale is the reigning Champagne cocktail with Champgne and Kir or the blackcurrant liqueur ‘Crème de Cassis’. This is a heavenly sparkling wine cocktail, but if you do not have the money to spend to make a Kir Royale, this is a great substitute.

Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail Recipe

One bottle dry sparkling wine | Brut
One bottle of cranberry juice
4 Champagne flutes.
Sugar to run the glasses *optional
Cranberries *optional

Moisten the rims on the flutes dip them in the sugar. Pour cranberry juice in the bottle of the flutes and add the dry sparkling wine. Optional – Use colored sugar on the rims or float cranberries on the top as a garnish.

As for the AMOUNT of sparkling wine and cranberry juice in each glass, some suggest it to be 50/50. I find this to be a little too fruity. I love my dry sparkling wine even on its own and I use the juice just to add a little color and a hint of flavor. I would say that you should really go by color. Just a touch of pink in the glass is how to do it about 1:3 at the most. Try a few different amounts before your party as each bottle of sparkling wine is different.

This can be perfect for a holiday party or even a back yard summer lunch. It is my go to BYOB throughout the season, though, and it never fails to impress my guests.


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