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Ditch The Donuts For Healthy Snack Options

Healthy snack options for the office. Ozery bakery rounds, positive energy juices all served with repurpose plates
One of the perks of working in an office has to be the snacks. But when you’re trying to eat better the last thing you want to see around you all day is another doughnut. The other day, we decided to surprise the office with a healthy alternative to the doughnuts or cupcakes that seem to appear out of nowhere. The entire crew should know the benefits of healthy eating, not just us!

Easy Healthy Brunch Options

Now understand that this office breakfast/brunch/snack time can be done outside of work, too! This would be great for a weekend with friends, Mother’s Day breakfast, a wedding shower, baby shower, or graduation party.Ozery Bakery snack rounds are a great healthy and nutritious snack

This healthy eating options snack buffet had to be easy. We are there to work, not set up food for everyone all day long. In my opinion, good food, that is easy, doesn’t get any better than Ozery Bakery Rounds and fresh fruit with juice. We cut up some pineapple, strawberries, and opened a jar of peanut butter and a chocolate hazelnut spread to be used with the pita rounds. Luckily, the office also has a toaster and that came in handy with the pita rounds. We had a nice variety of the Ozery rounds as well: apple cinnamon, muesli, and orange cranberry.


Positive Energy fruit juice has a hint of caffeine
I have been really enjoying this new juice with caffeine lately so, to give everyone a boost without overdoing the coffee, we shared a variety of Positive Energy caffeinated juices. I am partial to the lemonade flavors, but they also come in breakfast friendly orange, cranberry and other nutritious fruit juices. (But trust me, a nice lemonade with caffeine in the afternoon is just what I should have.)

To make this work healthy snack buffet even better, we served everything up with Repurpose plates and flatware. One of my co-workers even commented that we went all out and got the really good plates because of how thick and sturdy they were. Repurpose plates, cups and flatware are all made of sustainable corn, sugar or bamboo and they are compostable. So, we feel much better about not having “real” plates, flatware, and glasses at work.

Repurpose plates and flatware are sturdy and compostable. The array of healthy snacks were a hit at work, and were a nice surprise for everyone. The CEO even dug in and enjoyed the spread with everyone. I would have to say that I wouldn’t mind having all of these around a lot more than a box full of doughnuts.

If you want to do this at home, you can feel free to add vodka or champagne for a more adult twist.  This would be great for a casual Mother’s Day breakfast, or even an engagement party/bridal shower.

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  1. What a fantastic thing to do!! We installed a Gym at our office, to help people with stress levels!!

  2. SO many great healthy options! You know I am loving these. I’ve never heard on those bread rounds so thanks for putting them on my radar. I love brunch and entertaining and these would make it easier and healthier. I love your idea of adding champagne to that positive energy–what a fun Mother’s Day libation!

  3. Great options. I’d definitely try the snacking rounds.

  4. You know what’s sad? I work from home and still eat horrible (when I remember to eat). It’s good to have reminders and encouragement to keep healthier snacks at hand :-)

  5. Delicious options! Those pita rounds look so good. I love the variety in flavor and chocolate hazelnut is my favorite to spread on things : ) Lately I’ve been doing just black coffee and a banana for breakfast. This sounds a lot more delicious lol


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