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Dita's in Paris


Dita Von Teese has returned to Paris, and it seems to agree with her.  Dita is back to the city of light in order to do some more filming for her Crazy Horse performances, as well as a performance at the VIP room on the  Rue Rivoli tomorrow night at 1AM.

I love that she twitters and now knows how to post pics from her blackberry.  Once she arrived at her hotel room in Paris she sent out photos of her beautiful hotel room, including  the 4 bottles of champagne that were waiting for her on ice.

She also sent out a picture from backstage at The Crazy Horse.  Her rhinestone mirkins on display along with all of her stage makeup.  Who takes pictures of MIRKINS?!?! lol But if they’re rhinestone in Paris, it must be Dita.

I highly suggest you follow her

More pics of her trip to Paris and leaving LAX below

Bauer Griffin