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Dita Von Teese ‘s Amazingness in BWATT Magazine -Video-


I just died a little. OMG! The amazingness that is Dita Von Teese is all over the new issue of BWATT Magazine.

dita von teese back of legs stocking seams red high heels christian louboutin
This photo.. I mean, just look at those seams with the titled heel. Squeeee.


No seriously, her royal burlesque-ness is 40. Take THAT to the bank and cash it.


You can get your very own issue of BWATT here.

Check out the video of this issue below.  Dita is just… so stunning.

Images via Bwatt Magazine and Bwatt Magazine Instagram

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  1. This woman always looks so amazing. She oozes class!

  2. can i motorboat her breasts?! Stunning.

  3. i don’t get Dita or why people like her

  4. I think she is a goddess, stunning!!

  5. Calvin inappropriate comment, at least the first part. She is stunning, love her.!

  6. Dita would be amazing in anything.

  7. SHe looks stunning!!

  8. how does she walk in those shoes?

  9. Those boots look insane!!!