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Dita Von Teese Returns To The Perrier Mansion [VIDEO]

It has been a Dita Von Teese filled week for me! First I saw her perform her new show “Strip Strip Hooray” and the Roxy in Hollywood thanks to my friend MK at Popbytes. Now, there is a new interactive addition to the Perrier Mansion featuring Dita!

Can it get any better for a Dita stan like me?

We’ve already told you about Dita’s trip through the Perrier Mansion ( The dice game, following her with the camera, and the gorgeous boudoir.

And now, you and your friends can interact with Dita Von Teese TOGETHER!!!

Dita is coming back in order you to live an interesting experience online. This time, you are invited to follow Dita, with your friends, to discover a new room… You will have to compete to watch the show…

This new room in the Perrier Mansion is the ultimate show of Dita, where you will have to ask to four friends to share this moment with you. You will then be able to see the glamorous Dita’show. However, a curtain falls slowly and hides the screen, only the fastest will be able to watch the whole show.

I’ve been “playing” this all morning, and I’m a little too slow to watch the whole routine. I get it to where she’s starts taking off her Mr. Pearl corset, and then the curtain falls. If you get further please let me know what happens!!!  Visit Perrier by Dita to play !

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