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Dita Von Teese Is Clever

Oh Dita Von Teese, I’m on to your little game. It may look as if the burlesque beauty is simply being hounded by an overvealous pap (oh ok she is), but she’s also doing a little advertising.

What am I talking about??? I’ll tell you.

The ever entrepreneurial queen of the “Teese”, who already has her shows worldwide, books, is a spokeswoman for both Cointreau and Perrier, and her own stocking line, is showing off her NEWEST product in the produce aisle. See that beautiful cardigan sweater? Yup, Dita has a new sweater line for sale on her site.

Dita paired up Wheels & Dollbaby to sell four different versions of that lovely cardigan. Black with red, black with pink, red with black, and soon peach with black!

See, now, she’s using the paps to her advantage. Isn’t she clever?

Oh, and if you are so inclined, my birthday is in 2 weeks… I’d love one of these sweaters ;-)

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Images via Coqueran/Fame Pictures