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Dita von Teese Dating a count?


The glamorous Dita von Teese was spotted out in Hollywood yesterday with a man who is said to be her new main squeeze.  Not only is he tall and good looking but he’s a Count.  French count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, stood by while Dita von Teese fed the meter while they were out and about.

Just last year Dita was telling the Daily Express [via OneIndia]

“I’m single and crush-less,” “Like Hugh Hefner in his blonde phase, I’m in my European passport-holding era; American men need not apply,”

Hopefully this one has manners.  And some more spare change.  Don’t make Dita pay for parking, please darling?

More photos of Dita and her count below

Fame Pictures

1 Comment

  1. My first thought was he is hawt! My second thought was is he cheap? LOL. Maybe he gave her the coins to put in the meter? Let’s hope so. I’m sure a Count can spring for a meter, no? :)