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Dita is 'Cointreau'versial

dita cointreau mirrors

It’s no secret that I have a major girl crush on Dita Von Teese. She’s gorgeous and so put together. AND she makes the retro glamor girl look so easy, and trust me, it isn’t!

So I HAVE to share her new section for Cointreau! (we mentioned this before) It’s a sort of a tour of a cabaret where she’s performing. Sorry, no naughty bits this time.

Click here to see the Cointreau- versial mini movie

Here are some of the pics used int he Cointreau-versial ad campaign. She’s so hot.

dita cointreau red dita von teese cointreau top falling off dita cointreau mirrors dita von teese cointreau-versial

And to have a taste of the Cointreau Teese Click here

4 cl (1 1/2oz) Cointreau
2 cl (3/4oz) Apple juice
1,5 cl (1/2oz) Monin violet syrup
1,5 cl (1/2oz) Fresh lemon juice

Frost ginger around the rim of the glass

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